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Jon Nicholls gave us a great insight of what went on before and after the Wancourt battle near Arras and his book certainly helped us to understand what those poor sods were up against.. A truly ‘Cheerful Sacrifice.’ Would have missed it, if it had not been for Jon, our guide.

Many thanks.
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  • Jarvis, thank you for your kind words. You are always welcome on our Tailor Made Tours.

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    Hi All,
    Dont know how many of you do re-enackments in WW1 uniforms. As I have just purchesed a reprodution army uniform for a Centenary event as a Farrier Sgt (so that I dont have to have my beard off !) for the Special Waggoners Resrve on 8 September 1913 at Sledmere Hall, Sledemere, East Yorks. This SWR were takern on by the Army when the war eventualy started the following year. Most joined into the ASC.
    I I also picked up an cavarlry bonderla, which unfortantly had a couple off studs that had come off the leather pouches. My soultion to repair, with a couple of slightly longer than normal stud collars. (Evern a sadderler would not dismantle the bonderla !) which has done the job well. Hope to see some off you there next year. Jarvis.
    Like this new web site and Jon’s new web site too.

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