In Search of ‘The Devils Own’ Trenches on Berkhamsted Common

Yesterday afternoon, I took advantage of a beautiful Autumn day, to walk from my home in Hemel Hempstead to the little village of Potten End and beyond, to Berkhamsted Common which lies on the edge of the lovely, Ashridge Forest.  I had long heard about the old First World War trenches on Berkhamsted Common which […] Read more


Kevin Cutts Obituary

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that our dear friend and best loved Pal, Kevin Cutts died on Sunday 15th April 2012. He brightened up every tour to the battlefields of France with his lovely sense of humour. He had been coming with us since 1984. He was a big man with […] Read more


August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Pals, I hope that this (brief) letter finds you all in good health and enjoying the Summer. It’s not over yet! I have been over to the old frontline a few times since our May trip, more recently taking the guides from the Arras Tunnels around the battlefields. Also a very enjoyable trip, walking […] Read more