Hampstead Pals

Kevin Cutts

KEVIN CUTTS comes home… An emotional but enjoyable weekend as the Hampstead Pals took the ashes of our dear Pal, Kevin Cutts home, to the Devonshire Cemetery on the Somme. This was Kev’s favourite place on the Western Front and the sun shone brilliantly for us as his last wish was carried out bravely, by […] Read more


Tony Spagnoly

We are sad to announce that our favourite guide to the Battlefields, Tony Spagnoly, passed away on Sunday 5th October after a short illness. Tony was 81 and had been housebound with his ‘dodgy hip’ for sometime. He accompanied the Pals on many battlefield trips from 1993 to 2005. He was undoubtedly, since the passing […] Read more


Hampstead Pals Video

This video was made by Rick Lomas using the images from the current photo album. You will find this all over the internet thanks to the wonderful video submission tool Traffic Geyser […] Read more


I’m just putting this together

Dear Reader, I am just putting together this Hampstead Pals site for Jon Nicholls of Mixed Feelings. Jon has been meaning to do this for a while I believe, so good luck with it. Rick Lomas […] Read more